C&N INTERNATIONAL is your purchasing partner with qualified professionals in China to supervise your orders.

About us

C&N INTERNATIONAL was established in 2018 as a two-way import and export company that assists Chinese and European customers find opportunities for cooperation.

C&N INTERNATIONAL knows the Chinese market very well. Our company is based in the Netherlands, however, it has an extensive business network in China, and we have also many partners. We can help you find cooperation opportunities by leveraging the current Chinese customer resources and understanding of the Chinese market.


Exploit new markets:

Expand the Chinese market

With the economic development, the huge Chinese market potentially has more business opportunities and benefit. However, many small and medium-sized companies in Europe do not dare to trade with China.

Expand the European market

Affected by the economy, the Chinese market continues to expand. The fierce market competition has made more Chinese companies need to introduce advanced technologies and products from European countries. 


In China, the export of goods and services is extremely complicated Regulations on export taxes, import duties, anti-dumping laws and payment requirements (down payments and delivery payments) are complex. Many Chinese companies do not have sufficient export conditions and the quality of their products does not reach the requirements of customers. In addition, language, communication and jet lag can be obstacles to successful business in China. And our company can help you effectively solve such problems and successfully expand your business.

Similarly, in Europe, we also provide assistance to Chinese companies to find the corresponding products for purchase.

Our support in China’s import and export sector includes:

1. Project Management

2. Purchasing

3. Communicate with suppliers

4. Negotiations

5. Logistics and customs clearance


Finding the right production partner in China is not easy. C&N INTERNATIONAL needs to visit the factory in person, determine the quality of the product, and provide sample inspection, and so on.

Meanwhile, C&N INTERNATIONAL will ensure the normal production, export and handling of relevant export declarations. C&N INTERNATIONAL is your purchasing partner with qualified professionals in China to supervise your orders.


In general, the procurement process has to go through several stages:

Phase 1: Setting product requirements

Phase 2: Find potential suppliers

Phase 3: Select a supplier

Phase 4: Inquiry and contract

Phase 5: Project Management

Phase 6: Logistics, customs clearance and delivery

Based on our understanding of the Chinese market, C&N INTERNATIONAL provides professional guidance and advice at every stage. Even if you have found the right supplier and only seek local support, we will provide you with satisfactory service. Our service makes the whole process easier. You only need to determine the products you need. We are responsible for contacting the manufacturer to have sample, set the price and ensure the delivery date. According to the agreement, you don’t have to do anything except collect the goods within the agreed date. C&N INTERNATIONAL has essentially become your purchasing office in China.

Our Work

Success cases


Helping the Dutch company KOMEX B.V and the German company KOMEX UG export Auto to China.


Cooperate with China Glass Products Factory (NANPI) to export wine glass, glass vase, candle holder and some little adornment in the garden to EU.

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